New Build Commercial Bespoke Design & Build Marquee

Location: Yorkshire

This was a fascinating bespoke design and build project for a very meticulous client whose requirement was to achieve a solid building appeal with an entrance, reception, lounge, 3 X drinks bar, dance floor, kitchen, wash communal and a main hall whilst retaining the original aesthetic ambience of a marquee.

The structure was built adjoining the existing upmarket hotel. Extensive landscaping was also carried out.

The main light steel structure was built on concrete pad foundations with a raised sub steel floor structure with timber floors and finishes. All the interior works incorporating specialised fit out services were accomplished with 6 hours to spare prior to a pre booked exclusive event for 380 people. The client had booked the venue prior to the initiation of the construction works. The construction works were delayed by 3 weeks prior to the start and the Vertex team worked extremely hard to achieve the client’s objective with success.